Knockmealdown Heather Honey


Pure, raw ling heather honey from our hives on the Knockmealdown Mountains.

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Research has confirmed the benefits of heather honey, comparing it to the more famous Manuka Honey. You can read more about it here and here The Wonder of Heather Honey

Our bees forage on Ling Heather in the Knockmealdowns during late August and September producing our distinctive Heather Honey. This unique and rare honey has a taste and texture like no other, which many of its fans around the world say they have developed a craving for. The dark amber colour and strong aroma are typical of Ling Heather.

Heather Honey is completely different to other honey. It’s thixotropic, which means that it sets to a gel-like consistency, but returns to a runny state when stirred. It’s also very slow to crystallize, sometimes not crystallizing at all. This gel-like consistency makes Heather Honey very difficult to extract from the comb. The only way we can harvest it is by slowly and carefully pressing it out of the comb using a honey press.

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Knockmealdown Heather Honey

Pure, raw, ling heather honey. Unheated and unfiltered.


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